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The workplace of the future, a Gen Y perspective

Organisations are built by people for people. They are shaped by the...

The Technology Trap

You’ll have noticed the dominant discourse around technology in our industry. The conversation has been framed around technology as something to harness, to conquer, and to keep up with. Don’t be misled by the emphasis on this. The technological aspects of our roles will likely remain the least challenging part of our jobs.

Tips for young players: How to build a successful market research career

Market research’s offering has diversified over the years and has branched out beyond simply ‘Quant’ and ‘Qual’ (think online communities, behavioural economics, big data, DIY, mobile). Younger researchers are faced with the choice to generalise or specialise. In today’s guest blog, David McCallum shares why he believes specialising pays off.

It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna quant ‘n qual)

Career success is deeply personal. Whether it’s the prestige of a title, starting a company or earning the big bucks, whatever a rewarding market research career is for you, building it will be quite different in the 21st century.

The fearlessly objective researcher

While many research agencies think that getting a seat at the boardroom table is the pinnacle of success, this is a flawed goal. A research agency would be ill advised to define its business mission as moving from a interpreter of information to a driver of decisions at the boardroom table.

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