It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna quant ‘n qual)

How to build a successful market research career in the 21st century

black-and-white-sunglasses-dark-summerCareer success is deeply personal.  Whether it’s the prestige of a title, starting a company or earning the big bucks, whatever a rewarding market research career is for you, building it will be quite different in the 21st century.

At this year’s AMSRS National Conference, I’m partnering with David McCallum to dissect lessons from the past, current trends and emerging practices in anticipation of what the future holds for the market researcher.

In a world where your fridge orders you more milk, your Fitbit celebrates when you reach your steps goal and your smartphone is your wallet, GPS and personal computer, researchers will require diverse skills to serve their clients. (And these will soon be old technologies!)

With more boutique and specialised ‘start up’ agencies it’s unlikely your current agency will outlive your career

Valuable skills will result from depth and variety and not by length of experience. Closed, ‘self-reliant’ organisations will morph into more ‘open source’, ‘collaborative’ ones.

We hope you join us as we look at the interplay between the market environment, the business of doing research and the researcher’s life in 2020 and beyond. We’ll show where the industry must adapt to stay relevant and the skills we’ll need to acquire to thrive in one of the most varied and stimulating professions.

Author: Teri Nolan

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