To Sell is Human

dan pinkNervous about a presentation? Or closing that deal you have been working on for the last few months? How we ‘pep talk’ ourselves can have a dramatic impact on we perform. Daniel H Pink, in ‘To Sell is Human’, shows us how…

Flipping ‘I Will’ to ‘Will I’

I will deliver a good presentation. I will close the deal.

Short, declarative, self-talk statements may make us feel more positive in the short term, but they are not as effective as interrogative self-talk.

Will I deliver a good presentation? Will I close the deal?

Strategies within your answers

The explanation for this is that when we interrogate, we come up with answers. Within those answers are strategies for success.

Yes, I will make eye contact, and speak slowly and clearly.

We begin to visualise our goal, and why we should be able to achieve it.

So the next time you need to psyche yourself up, ask don’t tell!


Author: Teri Nolan

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  1. Interesting how a simple mash-up of words can form new meanings.

    I’d like to read a follow up after you have tried to apply this technique in real-life workplace settings!

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    • Great idea. In the mean time, if you would like to read the original research that supports this finding, click here.

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